Resources and FAQ

Instrument Assembly and Care

Some videos to help with assembly, cleaning and care of your child's instrument (under construction!!)

  • Flute assembly and care
  • Clarinet assembly and care
  • Saxophone assembly and care
  • Trumpet assembly and care (basic care & full 'annual' cleanalso applicable to other valved brass instruments such as Euphonium, Baritone Horn and Tuba)
  • Trombone assembly and care



Helpful Advice

Useful Links

Along with the resources and information above the following are some websites you may find useful, entertaining or which we have connections to at TSA

Dural Music Centre ( - TSA's music retail partner

Music Council of Australia ( - Australia's peak music body

AMEB, NSW ( - NSW branch of the Australian Music Examination Board

Baxters Buses ( - TSA's preferred transport provider



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