Creative Kids

Teaching Services Australia is proud to be a Creative Kids Voucher provider. Families can use this Government initiative to apply for the Vouchers that can then be applied to their TSA tuition fees.

Before applying for the voucher, please understand that in no circumstances can vouchers be refunded or exchanged for cash. Once you apply below to use your voucher for TSA lesson fees, you need to abide by the conditions as outlined in the Service NSW FAQ’s section. This means that even if your child decides not to continue or participate, there can be no refund.

To claim your $100 voucher and apply it to outstanding or future lesson fee invoices, please follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Visit and follow the prompts to apply for the voucher

2. Wait for the confirmation email from Service NSW which will have your child’s voucher number

3. Use the voucher details to fill in the form below and submit to be processed by TSA