“Soapbox” – January 2013


How many of us have students or children who just don’t seem to practise?! I bet we all have similar motivational problems of our own – exercise more, eat less, cook more, work  less. So how do we change poor practise habits or establish good routine from the very beginning?

The YouTube clip below has been around for a few years now but raises an interesting question, how can we encourage good choices simply by making them more ‘fun’?! We can’t take shortcuts with our practise, there is no iPhone app and no one else can do it for you, but what if we could make practise FUN?!

Every child is different and it is up to their parents and teachers to discover what motivates and enthuses them individually but there are a few basic practise tips we can use to get us started.

Steven Lavis

Fun Theory – how to change behaviour using ‘fun’ as motivation.