“Soapbox” – July 2013

 WHAT ARE WE DOING TO FOSTER CREATIVITY? How often do we admire the innovative way our children see the world? The way they take ordinary, simple objects and imagine them as galloping horses, secret caves and magic wands. This willingness to ‘see beyond’ an object’s traditional function and accepted worth is often lacking in us as adults.

How often do we admire the curious attempts of our children to try new things? They learn to walk by falling, they learn to eat by spilling and learn to catch by dropping. As Einstein said, “anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new!”

 Creativity and curiosity are equally as important as knowledge and observation in the learning process but are they given the same time and space in our curriculum? Sir Ken Robinson, in the YouTube clip opposite, contends that creativity in education is as important as literacy and should be given the same status. It is a solid 20min clip (put the kettle on!) but raises some interesting points about what kind of learning experiences will best equip our children for a future which will demand change, adaptation and innovation.Steven LavisMusic Director – Teaching Services Australia