“Soapbox” – October 2012


There are clear and measurable benefits to individual and collective music making upon both student and society. Other researchers and educators (far more eloquent and experienced than I) have been clear on why they believe a music education is important, some would say imperative, to a person’s development and so it is not really necessary for me to add my humble experience to the discussion.

It is our view at TSA that a musical education, like life itself, is a journey. A journey with only the purpose we give it – webring whatever attitudes and experience we have to our travels and it is up to us to take whatever we can away with us from our journey.

Not everyone’s journey leads them to a life of music like Dr Robert Gupta but it is worth taking a moment to reflect on his story in the video [below] and the powerful impact music has had on his life and those who surround him.

Steven Lavis

Music Director – Teaching Services Australia

Dr Robert Gupta: Between music and medicine